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Meet Alex - 4th year medical student and a tutor


Age 22

Year 4

Why did you choose to study medicine ? What aspire you to become a doctor and what were your concerns and doubts about your studies and future job ?

- I took great interest in science and biology while in school and I knew I was suited for a job that required lifelong learning. Studying medicine also provides broad range of opportunities such as career options and doing research. I think what inspired me to become a doctor was not a thing but a person - my mom. She used to work as a nurse and would sometimes take me with her. As for my concerns, I can say the stress of working long hours, the many exams and sometimes dealing with difficult patients are my top pics.

How did you prepare for the entry exam in PMU and what are your advices for the future applicants ?

- I started preparing for the entry exam 2 years prior and I also hired tutors who helped me better understand the material. My advice for the future applicants would be to not be afraid to leave their comfort zone and challenge themselves because it's all worth it at the end.

Which subject did you find most challenging so far ?

- Definitely Pharmacology.

Which subject is your favourite?

- Probably internal disease and pathophysiology.

How do you balance the rigorous demands of medical school with maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

- Time management is really important. I try to spend time with my friends and family as much as possible so that I don't become totally consumed by my studies. Finding a hobby or doing physical activity often really helps.

What are some common misconceptions about medical school that you would like to debunk?

- That your social life is over ones you start medical school. Although having greater academic responsibilities, I am able to find time for social activities with my friends and stay active.

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